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Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM - lighter frame and a slimmer desktop. Height adjustment operated by a single handle. Since its launch Yo-Yo DESK® has featured across all media including a major health experiment conducted by BBC TV "How to Stay Young".

  • SLIM range is more suitable for users who need less desktop space or users below 162cm who need to have more height adjustment options at the lower level. CLASSIC range is more suitable for users who need more desktop space (has a 19cm longer desktop depth and larger frame) and have more desktop weight (ie monitors) to be placed on the desktop.
  • SLIM range has 30 adjustable heights and glides more lightly due to its lower weight, while CLASSIC range has 15 adjustable heights.
  • Both SLIM and CLASSIC ranges deliver smooth height adjustment making them both perfect standing desk solutions.
  • SLIM range comes in 3 Sizes (80-S, 95-S, or CUBE-S) and 2 colours (Black or White)


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